Safiya Showroom by CuldeSac™, Foshan – China

November 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

CuldeSac™, the Spanish strategic and creative consulting firm, which is currently immersed in a strong international expansion campaign, has coordinated, designed and executed a comprehensive project to launch a new brand identity, showroom and outlets for women’s footwear chain Safiya in 200 outlets located in shopping centers throughout China.

This ambitious retail branding project is aimed at positioning Safiya on the market as a youthful, fresh and cool product. Safiya is one of the Saturday Group’s major brands; the group boasts more than two thousand outlets in cities such as Hong Kong and Guangzhou and is one of the largest manufacturer and retailer of footwear in China.

The creative work carried out by the CuldeSac™ Retail team, led by Pepe García and Lucía del Portillo, will be rolled out progressively to Safiya’s 200 outlets across the country. With the aim of strengthening ties and creating new links with their target audience – female, modern and creative – CuldeSac™ Retail has developed a new identify for the Safiya multibrand outlets based on a total revamp of its brand image and the concept of retail.

CuldeSac™ Retail is responsible for the idea and development of a retail branding concept whose main source of inspiration comes from the aesthetics of Catalan art nouveau and the unique vision of Barcelona’s architecture. Getting under the skin of Safiya’s loyal customers and looking at the retail space through their eyes, the creative studio has opted for generating visual spaces with character that also mark the character of the brand itself making it recognizable throughout the country; with the ultimate goal of encouraging customer loyalty, boosting Safiya’s visibility and generating a positive impact on sales.

The interior design project is primarily based around the versatility and modularity of wall-mounted shelves that articulate visual space in a dynamic way by creating three different levels on which to showcase products: interior, exterior and focal point. Thanks to this ingenious approach, the space acquires a different rhythm and gently steers visitors to walk around and look at the full range of footwear. Moreover, with the aim of optimizing the shopping experience, the shelf distribution within the outlets themselves facilitates the organization, separation and grouping of products by categories or collections.

Another distinctive feature is the display system for each individual item, which in this case has two distinct layers – backdrop and exhibition space – showcasing the product and giving customers 360º visibility by combining different seasonal materials, textures and visual effects. All of which contributes to a vibrant mise-en-scène rich in nuances giving rise to intricate layers of metal structures, stained glass, ceramic drawers that evoke mosaic flooring… These elements are enhanced by aged, weathered walls, which contrast dramatically with the perforated orange wall panels and colorful cutting-edge graphics.

This retail branding and interior design project for Safiya’s commercial outlets is just one of many in a long list of projects in the field of retail branding; a field in which CuldeSac™ Retail is steadily increasing its presence and visibility on both Spanish and international soils having led successful campaigns for leading brands, Façonnable, Delpozo, Glent, Ulanka and Munich.

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