Bettoni Store by Andrea Gaio, Bergamo – Italy

November 3rd, 2015 by retail design blog

This large store is spread over two floors. On the ground floor there are women’s clothing and perfumes while in the basement there is the man’s clothing department.

The themes developed in this project are those of color and combination of natural and artificial lighting.

The whole store is characterized by the contrast between two colors: the first is a shade of dove gray, that we can find on the ceilings, on the backdrop of products and on the volumes of the dressing rooms, while the other one is clear beige, used on the brick walls, on the self-standing exhibitors and all metal accessories, including the beautiful table and long wooden seat that decorate the center of the women’s department. To distinguish the different product areas it was used a floor in light tones of beige for the woman’s area and a darker shade of gray for the man’s area.

As for the artificial light, have been used recessed spotlights on the ceiling, some applique on the brick walls and a system of led bars hidden by a double thickness of the walls, which illuminate the accessories placed on the platforms below and the damask wallpaper.

But is the light coming from outside that becomes the fundamental element of the project, thanks to the large floor to ceiling windows. The biggest window becomes the perfect backdrop for the product focus, because the translucent curtains that shield the light give a natural effect of backlighting that enhances the items on display. In front of the other windows there are panels with clothes racks and shelves that partially cover the glass surface so that the products appear framed by cuts of light coming from the outside.

On the ground floor have been added two dressing rooms, made of wood paneling painted dove gray, with niches for the display of accessories or simply decorative. The furnitures are specially designed drawers, shelves and platforms made of gray American walnut wood, metal racks painted beige and self-standing square exhibitors.

Design: Andrea Gaio

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