ARAM Furniture Collection by nendo for GANDIABLASCO

November 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

The ARAM collection by GANDIABLASCO came about from its innate curiosity about the everyday. Work of Japanese designer Oki Sato, for Nendo Studio, the ARAM collection consists of elegant and delicate stools and auxiliary tables, created using the Indian craft technique of weaving wires around a metal frame.

“My inspiration comes from daily life: the day to day can be so rewarding if one pays the attention it deserves,” affirms Oki Sato. Made by hand using powder-coated stainless steel wire, each piece within the collection is unique. “The open gaps between the wires gradually increase creating a sensation of gradation. A design created thanks to a small change applied to an existing technique,” explains Oki Sato.

In both versions of its stools and side tables for indoors and outdoors ARAM is available in white, taupe, sand, bronze, green, yellow and anthracite tones. Their elemental and practical design make them the perfect com- plementary accessories for both contract and residential projects.

ARAM is a soulful collection that combines tradition, craft and contemporary design in a natural and unforced manner.

About Oki Sato
Born in 1977 in Toronto, Canada. In 2002 he graduated in architecture from the University of Waseda, Tokyo. There he founded the Nendo Studio in 2005 and in 2006 did so in Milan. Winner of numerous awards and recognitions Oki Sato has collaborated with many design studios and architects.

Founded as a family business in 1941 specialising in the production of blankets. During the mid-80s they began manufacturing carpets. Since 2000 the company has focused exclusively on outdoor furniture products. Their ambitious business strategy was consolidated through rapid expansion to become a world leader in outdoor designer furniture. The company is now international, having opened shops and showrooms in a number of countries worldwide. Their collaborations with renowned designers all over the globe have consolidated their working base in Spain.

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    Beautiful and unique collection of outdoor Furniture. God job.

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