Santos da Casa Wine Branding by Wine & Shine

November 11th, 2015 by retail design blog

Santos da Casa wine range branding took a fresh approach to demystify wines and ease the choice for new consumers. Decoding the usual descriptors of wine – region, elaborate tasting notes – which are puzzling for most consumers, it eases the buying process. Ironically, the wine soon became a success mainly abroad Portugal trough exports to Canada and USA. After all there is some truth in the proverb that says that “no man is a prophet in his own land”…

For most people choosing a Portuguese wine is a puzzle. There are about 250 native grape varieties and dozens of wine regions, so it’s easy to feel lost on the supermarket shelves. Santos da Casa multi-region wine range was designed solve this problem.

The brand was created from the start by the Wine & Shine team for Santos & Seixo Wine Exports Lda: concept, naming, branding and label design. The client believed that there was more world for the wines of Portugal, once one made its virtues clear to the consumer.

To meet this challenge the creative team went to decode each wine. The name “Santos da Casa” (local saints) is based on a proverb (equivalent to “no man is a prophet in his own land”). It defies to try and to re-discover the diverse local Portuguese wines. The colourful label with different profiles stands out on the shelves, illustrating both the diversity of Portuguese wine regions and each personal tasting profile. A colour code and clear information profiled each wine taste – intense, sweet, fresh… And high quality finishing details eased confidence of consumers on the wine quality.

Design: Wine & Shine / Creative direction: Rita Monteiro / Pedro João / Design: Pedro João / Dodesign Designers Associados / Copywriting: Rita Monteiro / Tinta Amarela
Client: Santos & Seixo – Wine Exports. Lda

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