Artdeli Gallery, Amsterdam – Netherlands

November 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

Although dynamic in many ways, Amsterdam’s art scene has gradually become somewhat sedate and uninspiring. Mind you, there’s still an abundance of local talent and a solid education system, but it seems the city’s existing infrastructure lacks new opportunities to engage and inspire an audience through art, and in such a way, that it’s followed up by a deliberate – or should we say passionate – purchase. Cultural entrepreneur Jessica Voorwinde knows a thing or two about art and design, and her newest endeavour certainly implies an opinionated view on the dutch capital’s current art scene. Wittily called Artdeli, the art historian boldly launches an innovative venue in the canal district, one that anchors the oh-so serious wheeling and dealing of art in a fun-infused context of hospitality and retail.

The venue occupies a monumental late 19th century building, and spread over three lofty floors visitors find an exhibition space exclusively dedicated to contemporary art and design, a sleek marble-infused bar by designer Lex Pott, a dining spot which serves a concise range of tasty bites, and last but certainly not least, a shop brimming with coveted design merchandise. But at the very core of Artdeli is art, and the planned schedule of rotating showcases will be curated by various curators. The venue’s inauguration show, entitled De Stille Kracht [‘silent force’ in english], it features an eclectic variety of cherry-picked artworks by Cathelijne Broers and Maurice Seleky, the first two of the aformentioned range of guest curators.

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