Casa Victoria Sweets Store & Café by Yellow Office Architecture, Bucharest – Romania

November 17th, 2015 by retail design blog

Yellow Office Architecture just came from finishing one of Bucharest’s sweetest places. The Casa Victoria Sweets Shop is both sweet in taste and, for the design enthusiasts, it’s the new local piece of eye candy.

Using a relaxing pastel colour palette combined with various fine tuned wood essences, the architects have created a special atmosphere in this small but delightful shop.

The overall design relies on a combination of patterns, both floral and geometric, harmonized by an elegant placement of colour and light. For a more playfull sensation, the floor and wall finishes feature tiles of various sizes and styles, starting with large wood planks chosen for their natural feel and going through metro tiles all the way to the well detailed floral ceramic mosaic.

The shop front opens up to a small but most pleasant terrace for enjoying a sweet moment in the warm days.

The store is structured into two main areas, one destined for the display and selling of sweets that is placed in the proximity of the entrance, followed by a more intimate area for enjoying the products. The selling area is built around a oversized bar and counter designed in a ludic vibe by reinterpreting a vintage furniture piece with drawers of different colours and patterns. All of these tones and patterns are present on both the furniture and on the wall finishes for a homogenous atmosphere inside.

The display furniture together with the lighting chosen are creating a dynamic scenography with moving parts where the products on display have their well thought role. The sweets store is completed by an intimate space where the seating is complimented by natural green accents from the suspended plants and a white natural stone arrangement.

The quality of Casa Victoria Sweets Store resides in its details, in the way the different textures are combined to complement one another while the thoughtfully placed mirrors and the brass accents build up the character of the place.

Design: Yellow Office Architecture / Vladimir Mindru
Photography: Vladimir Mindru

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