Enoki Fast Food Restaurant by VBAT, Utrecht – Netherlands

November 18th, 2015 by retail design blog

Enoki is a healthy fast food Asian concept, located at train stations across the Netherlands railway network.

The retail operator of the Dutch rail network ‘NS’ approached VBAT to create an Asian fast food formula in response to the voice of the modern traveller who is demanding a light and healthy food option on the go.

“Good food makes you happy.”This is the basic philosophy and vision behind the new brand. The name and identity reflects this with its fun, fresh, healthy and contemporary characteristics embedded in Asian food culture. The name Enoki is taken from the mushroom that has been used in the Asian kitchen for centuries. It has a crisp texture, low calorie and has many nutritious benefits.
Throughout Asian history, physicians believed Enoki shared many health benefits, including its overall immune boosting properties.

Working closely with food concept experts ‘Mr Kitchen’ VBAT created a menu and recipes to match the brand and formula vision. The design concept for Enoki is based on a pavilion, inspired by the simple wooden structures that are renowned in Asian architecture. A combination of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship make for architecture that is both simple and beautiful.

Enoki takes cues from the functionality of a pavilion but also its flexible, free-standing structure and ability to adapt to its given environment. As such it embraces the fast moving commuter environment. The simple, open and transparent nature of Enoki puts a clear focus on its fresh food and preparation. By placing the ‘live’ kitchen as the visual centre-piece of the space, exposing all the preparation elements and turning the traditional take-away experience inside out, makes for an experience that is unquestionably fresh and authentically Asian.

Enoki’s narrative is Asian food, fresh and fast. This story being told throughout all touch-points of the customer journey, finally giving travellers and commuters a tasty and healthy food option when taking a train journey in the Netherlands.

Design: VBAT
Photography: John Lewis Marshall

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  1. Andy B Sun says:

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