Fazzini Store by Hangar Design Group, Milan – Italy

November 20th, 2015 by retail design blog

Just a few paces from the Castello Sforzesco, the new one brand Fazzini shop, signed by Hangar Design Group, was opened in Milan, setting forth the debut of the Milanese company in the specialized retail area.

The Milanese space hosts a complete range of the Fazzini products, including the bedding, bathroom and table collection: thought of as a selling spot and a showroom for contract clients, the store is a home boutique, in which different textile collections are animated by a sought after selection of objects and accessories.

In the three story high building, the Milanese shop interprets the concept created by Hangar Design Group, focusing on establishing the Italian style in all its grace and refined simplicity, paired with the unquestionable quality of its textile products.
With a warm and intimate setting, the store confirms the importance of finding materials and shades of colours expressing a mood that fits the needs of the consumer: a “home for your
home”, telling the story of Italian quality by means of a relaxed elegance container.

The store shell is a rythmic line of arc-like architectonical elements studding the nineteenth-century building, enlightened by the visible finishing that instills a feeling of steadyness and warmth. The warm and neutral shades are the ideal backgrounds for textile in which the colour is the main character.
Shelves covering the whole walls ensure the same stage effect as the windows do: capturing the passer-bys attention with colour effects and shades, able to highlight instantly the versatility of the brand.

An imposing chandalier hovers over the central space: inspired by the mobile sculptures of Calder, it suspends light clouds of tissue turning into diffused lights.
On the window walls there dominates the logo of the maison, it also having been renewed by Hangar Design Group: a fresher and more updated sign, that with the curlicue of the two zeds recalls the natural origin of the Fazzini materials and the relaxed elegance that characterizes this Italian brand.

Design: Hangar Design Group

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