Chuan Xi Bazaar hot pot restaurant by the Swimming Pool Studio, Nanjing – China

November 21st, 2015 by retail design blog

I perfect restaurant should not only have attractive appearance, but also provide a kind of unique dining experience. Chuan Xi Bazaar Hot Pot is such a refreshing restaurant, located in Nanjing, China. The Swimming Pool Studio completed the interior design and created a brand new dining space with strong visual Impact by mixing the traditional Chuan Xi folk customs with modern style.

Everything in the restaurant is closely related to the theme of the bazaar. Each piece of the furnishings creates the jollification and sense of simple. The interior space furnished in red is full of mysterious exotic. The whole design emphasizes the mixing of new and old materials, perfect combining the traditional elements and modern design language. The designer brought in and transformed the Chuan Xi architectural details into unique interior decorations which set off the modern neon light, being a surprise to some. The old wooden walls and the letter printing collisions a brand new spark in the light of the contrast.

Different from being in normal restaurants, the diner use a kind of unique way that paying by chips to order. That creates a rich atmosphere of the bazaar. The decorative patterns on the black walls of the dining area are well echoed the theme of the restaurant. It is a distinctive experience. When stepping into the restaurant full of Chuan Xi Customs, the guests start a bazaar journey.

The Swimming Pool Studio is a smart and creative oriented interactive studio based in Shanghai, China. From 2009, we have more than 12 staffs and some in-house freelancers with more and more clients. We always help clients to realize their goals, by leveraging different kinds of design techniques and materials. Influenced by an effective process flow and project management method, we can deliver a user friendly work according to clients’ timeline, demand and bear cost-save in mind. In addition, we always balance user experience with good design.

Photography by Wenjie Hu

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