ITERO pocket watch

November 21st, 2015 by retail design blog

Long time ago wearing pocket watches presented nobility, prestige, scholars, class. Time has changed, the purpose not. With modern design, minimalistic look and superb Swiss quality ITERO pocket watch is a fresh breath in an ancient fashion line.

Virtually indestructible and impossible to scratch for its Sapphire crystal glass ITERO watch is held together by lightweight surgical steel and comes in a high quality and durable case. The Pocket Watch by ITERO features clean lines and an elegant overall appearance. Only 8mm thick, these contemporary pocket watches will slip seamlessly into any pocket. Great attention to detail and minimalism are the main features of ITERO watch. Presented in three styles – Midas Gold, Midnight Rose and Classy Silver – ITERO suits everyone with a style: a gentleman, an adventurer or an urban dweller.

Wherever you are, ITERO is always there with you. The ITERO handcrafted watch stand from solid Slovenian wood makes an impressive decoration. Just launched on Kickstarter and already overfunded! Take your chance!

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