N°2 x St. Moritz concept store, Zurich – Switzerland

November 21st, 2015 by retail design blog

St. Moritz is not just «Top of the World» – it will also be «Top of Zurich». For this winter season, N°2 and St. Moritz will merge, becoming one of Zurich’s hotspots and creating a unique new shopping and event experience. Between November 11, 2015, and mid-March 2016, St. Moritz will be staged as a theme across two storeys at Neumarkt 20 in 8001 Zurich. In addition to the store situated in Zurich’s old town, the cooperation will include supporting measures and activities from November through March.

The concept store «N°2» at Neumarkt in Zurich changes its theme twice a year – it also serves as a platform for synergies and new ideas. And what would fit that brief better than St. Moritz, the birth place of winter tourism, with its pioneering spirit? Besides the numerous brands already featured, N°2 will present new additional collections inspired by the theme starting in November 2015. Among them are Tak.Ori, Carven, Aiayu, Lucas Hugh, Pyrenex and many more. This winter, we will bring St. Moritz’ champagne ambiance to Zurich with all its glitter and its glamour. We are looking forward to all of it!

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