Akin Barber Shop by Zak Hoke, Dubai – UAE

November 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

Clean-Cut Minimalism and Tradition at AKIN Barber & Shop in Dubai.

It was just a matter of time before Dubai, a burgeoning global design hub, got its own design-perfect barbershop. Filling a gap between “street level barbershops and the upmarket spa salons found in hotels or malls” as co-founder and entrepreneur Leith Matthews explains, AKIN Barber & Shop located at Burj Al Salam (a glass tower opposite the World Trade Centre) in the heart of the city caters for a “growing urban community”.

Design: Zak Hoke

via Glamshops

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3 thoughts on “Akin Barber Shop by Zak Hoke, Dubai – UAE

  1. Sam says:

    A complete rip off of the Harry’s Corner Shop in NYC.

  2. Joe Muschiano says:

    where can I get these barber chairs

  3. Joe Muschiano says:

    want these barber chair

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