Junit modular pendant lamp by Schneid

December 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

Junit is a modular pendant lamp that consists of 8 different elements. The very pure and clear units are turned from high-quality ash wood and painted in a German Workshop, not far away from our own studio. They come in a natural, clear finish or each in a different color. The bulb complements the colorful lamp with its oversized, milky glass that produces warm, ambient light. To complete the individual look of the lamp, the user chooses from 8 different texile cable colors.

The designers of the lighting Niklas Jessen and Julia Mülling created 5 versions of Junit lamp according to their own aesthetic sense of form, that are available as curated variants.

The lighting invites to play with the elements and to take action ourselves. By using our own creativity and acting with the units of the lighting, the user experiences the product in a different way – He relates to it and thereby gives it a personality. This way, the interaction between man and object enables not only an experience of independent creation, but also the integration of a product in the home, to which the user has already established a relationship.

By combining the archetypal forms the lighting receives a new, own meaning that evokes the memory of the viewer. The curated variations of the lighting give a perfect example: The „Column“ lamp for instance reminiscent of ancient columns – the colors, blue and white, encourage this association by reminding of the Greek national colors.

With the remarkable large selection of minimalist forms for the creation of their own, perfect lighting, both elegant and sophisticated variants as well as colorful and playful versions can emerge. As a single expressive lighting or set up in a striking group of different combinations, the Junit lamp provides endless interior possibilities and can be used in a domestic environment and in contract projects of public spaces.

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