O2 Café organic restaurant by MAS Studio, Hong Kong

December 13th, 2015 by retail design blog

Located on the first floor of The Green Atrium, O2 Café is a green restaurant that cooks with organic and sustainable ingredients, including hydroponic vegetables and fish grown right on its rooftop. Even the cups and cutleries used at the restaurant are created from recycled materials.

Consistent with the green and wooden theme on the ground floor, the café’s chairs, sofas and wall décor are made from compacted recycled cardboards and spare planks. The masterpiece of the café is the “feature wall,” made entirely from recycled cardboards, which showcases butterfly and tree imageries. This work of art, along with the greenery outside the café, creates a peaceful atmosphere and evokes a sense of connection with nature.

The outdoor dining area features cardboard chairs complemented with red cushions. Dining tables are equipped with steel racks for potted plants and lianas to grow on. A number of art pieces and decorations scatter around the café, not only enhancing the ambience but also enlightening guests to the possibility of transforming recycled materials into functional and attractive beautiful furniture. A kitchen waste processor and cans recycling machine are placed in the outdoor area to raise environmental consciousness among residents.

Designed by MAS Studio

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