Hands-on Campus by DesigN m4, Seoul – South Korea

December 25th, 2015 by retail design blog

The client, Hands-on Learning is a creative education group using LEGO Education products as the media for teaching, introducing new learning method in South Korea. Upholding the brand’s philosophy ‘Hands-on, Minds-on’, the client decided to bring a surprise to the public, the Hands-on Campus.

Nowadays education neither exhibition spaces are bored with just direct communication that limits the public’s creativity especially the new generation. As the benchmark for the future education typology, we thought not to clone out another existing education and exhibition in terms of space planning and experience. If so, we do have to introduce a more exciting and attractive place hence giving inspiration to the public.

We came out with a statement, rather than introducing a new and unfamiliar method, we intent to study and search for the true value of education, the relation between giver and receiver. The built of relation between giver (lecturer) and receiver (student) are made by emotional communication and most importantly the teaching media, as for Hands-on Campus, of course the little bricks which meeting each other to create a new objects.

“A single brick bring imagination; imaginations meet together and create a story.”

We thought imagination is the bridge that connect the giver and receiver whereby the students are able to apply own imagination and thinking therefore solving the problem or assessment in a more exciting and flexible method, as like story making, without limitation and direct order. We intent to apply meaningful elements to marry with LEGO Education products hence to create a scene that full with imagination, giving a plot for the student to make their own story.

“We make a story, and let the children to do the acting”

The space divided into several cube dimensions to represent different scene with representative elements and color. The cubes are arrange according to the circulation of learning procedure and experience, student and visitor are able to imagine themselves as a part of the story hence to discover the possibility of the future.

Design: DesigN m4 / Creative Director: MingShern Wong / Planning team leader: Eunjoo Youk / Designer: Hyun Sung Kim / Young Woong Jeon
Photography: Dae Sun Yoo

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    Hi, I am opening a pop up store on N.J and need design idea for a gallery/trendy works of art, it’s a small space with two big windows that open to the street.

  2. Robin Pierce says:

    I love exhibition design and Lego!!!!!! This makes me want to cry in happiness

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