Tafelspitz Restaurant by 5 Star Plus Retail Design, Beijing – China

January 2nd, 2016 by retail design blog

Tafelspitz is the first authentic Austrian restaurant in Beijing offering fine dining cuisine and wine culture at the highest level of hospitality. The restaurant opened their doors on June 26, 2015, with the help of 5 Star Plus Retail Design.

Located in Nali Patio, the heart of multiple international restaurants in Beijing. Tafelspitz had to stand out from its surroundings while effectively reflecting its Austrian lifestyle and high-end positioning. The brief required an elegant combination of traditional and modern elements to be expressed in the restaurant design.

A color combination of black, cream and grey on the walls, with warm lighting to help create depth in the space, expressed Austrian hospitality to consumers. High quality light grey chairs were used to tie in elements of the design together, making the space elegantly harmonious and cohesive.

Centered on the wine culture and its country of origin, light and dark oak was applied to the flooring. This was to reflect the traditional building techniques commonly used in Austria, which is still today very stylish in restaurant designs.

With the modern blend of gold painted deer antlers, and hung paintings that have been recreated from famous Austrian painters, grace the walls of the restaurant. Maps of different Austrian regions were positioned above the dining area ceiling. Huge black and white landscape pictures were placed onto the blinds. Along with a collection of enlarged abstract black and white images of the Austrian white forest, and Tafelspitz dishes covering glass walls. It was important for our design team to infuse traditional elements with a modern twist into the space.

As you walk in the restaurant entrance, the Tafelspitz logo is on the left side, which features a continuous double line red color; a subtle reminder to consumers about Austria. This feature is continued throughout the restaurant design, enticing the customer from afar, drawing them further into the restaurant dining area. From the wall of the entrance hall leading to the gold copper bar area, the lines are placed such as to guide consumers to the back of the restaurant.

Overall, the design team at 5 Star Plus Retail Design has managed to create a dining area that is classic, chic and flexible enough to accommodate any events while suiting both formal business dinners and more casual family meals in order to cater to consumer tastes of people from China and Western countries.

Design: 5 Star Plus Retail Design

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