My Sweet Coffee & Ice Cream by Vitale Studio, Castellón de la Plana – Spain

January 5th, 2016 by retail design blog

“My Sweet” coffee and ice cream parlor is a beachfront place without a marked seasonality, that opens throughout the year. Under this assumption Vitale studio developed the branding and the interior design of the business in order to create a small urban oasis by the sea.

A traditional and homely space that invites to spend long hours with a good cup of coffee, the gathering with friends or working with your laptop as if you were home. In line with “home, my sweet home” the space is designed to relax by the sea, with different environments and ways to relate, sit and rest, taking something sweet in a romantic and nostalgic environment.

The commercial premise has a regular plant about 155 m² but has many big pillars too. The porcelain tile floor is divided into large areas that give rhythm to the space by combining different finishes in cement and vintage wood.

The distribution minimizes the space for the elaboration and counter area for the benefit of the consumer area. It has taken into account that customers can enjoy the sea view with a proper placement of furniture. There are places to sit on high and some others to relax with sofas, benches and rocking chairs that provide flexibility.

Mediterranean coast traditional materials, such as ceramic lattice or and darkened pine wood are enhanced, combined with colors associated with the pastries that provide a sweet and cheerful touch. Several wooden beams from a previous restaurant are recovered and used to coat the counter and create different furniture items designed for the project, such as benches or tables. From these beams it has also been obtained about 400 solid wood blocks that have been used to decorate the ceilings, with the added benefit of improving the acoustics in the space.

The ceramic lattices become a starring element that plays with light every moment of the day, providing endless shades and the intimacy required to separate areas.

Lighting is warm and indirect, with only direct lighting for some tables and the counter. As decorative elements have been used ceiling lamps made with pastry molds, as a wink to traditional and handmade pastries.

The result is a cosmopolitan and welcoming atmosphere that favors the comfort of customers.

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