Beauty Boutique Store by Tuxedo, Montreal – Canada

January 8th, 2016 by retail design blog

It’s been a huge hit in the rest of Canada since 2012, and it’s now on Quebec soil for the first time. The Beauty Boutique concept conceived by Tuxedo is located on Sainte-Catherine St., and is a new top-of-the-line cosmetic space that offers an uber premier experience to consumers, ahead of the competition.

With the goal of optimizing the architecture of each location, the entrance to the Montreal store has been restructured by the agency. The light fixture overhanging the cash register mirrors the furniture beneath it for a strong architectural effect. It is also adorned with an oversized screen in order to communicate brand messages. The location’s entrance underlines the importance of the digital world of Shoppers Drug Mart and reaffirms it as a leader in the retail industry.

“The strength of the Beauty Boutique concept resides in the possibility of changing what consumers expect in the store’s layout by integrating a new element, a unique touch, that creates a guaranteed element of surprise and a new level of comfort in the buying experience” says Laurent Guez, co-founder and VP of Environmental Design at Tuxedo.

Thanks to the expansion of the Beauty Boutique concept in both premium and standard formats throughout Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart is #1 in sales for prestige brands in the country since 2013, ahead of the Hudson Bay Company.

Information regarding the Beauty BOUTIQUE
Inspired by the feeling of opening a gift, as well as the simplicity and ease of online shopping, the agency wanted to elevate the store model by using luxurious materials in order to create a better platform for prestige brands like Chanel. Furthermore, the year’s highlights are showcased by a ribbon of screens adjacent to the brands.

Shoppers Drug Mart / Director, Design & Development : Victor Caayao
Tuxedo / VP Environmental Design : Laurent Guez / Environmental Designer : Moza Ghanem

About Tuxedo
Tuxedo is a creative agency that tells inspirational, aspirational and impactful brand stories that better engage with your consumer. The stories we tell bridge physical and digital environments through a full-service offering that includes advertising, branding, digital creation, photo and video production, architecture and environmental design. Based in Montreal, Tuxedo does business in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

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