Showroom Furniture Collection by Pelonio for Mustang

January 8th, 2016 by retail design blog

Madrid-based agency Pelonio has designed a showroom furniture collection for Mustang, a women’s shoes and accessories shop. Shelves, trays, benches, hangers and a table whose clean, graphic design underlines the trend-oriented philosophy of the label. The brand is an advocate of the quality that commands the ‘Made in Spain’ tag since the early sixties, when its founder, Pascual Ros Aguilar, built his first shoe factory in Elche, Alicante. Nowadays, ‘Mustang’ is one of the key manufacturers of trend-oriented shoes and accessories, with a clear focus on natural materials, aimed towards urban young women from around the world.

With this in mind, Cito Ballesta and Marta Ayala, from the Pelonio design team, came up with a range of pieces that play with shapes (basic geometry) and materials (granite, glass, steel) usually associated to city life, downplayed by the warmth of solid beech planks. subtle but noticeable pink highlights add to the playfulness of the fashion pieces. Just as the ‘Mustang’ product is crafted in Spain, this furniture collection has been made by skilled wood and metal artisans in Madrid.

‘The major challenge of this project was to show as much product as possible in a clean way, and in a limited space’, says Ayala. The set is formed by benches with two levels, a low table, light benches, and hangers especially designed to showcase bags. A couple of granite and mirrored trays can be added freely to the former three pieces, creating different possibilities for displaying. When put together, the elements play with different heights that guarantee a dynamic showcase of the shoes and accessories, whose soft and ergonomic nature stands out when laying on very sleek, or raw, surfaces.

Design: Pelonio / Cito Ballesta / Marta Ayala
Photography: Yuichi Kimura

via designboom

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