King George Restaurant by Nir Portal Architects, Kfar Saba – Israel

January 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

King George’ Kfar Saba is part of franchise restaurants net that counts 16 restaurants spread all over Israel, all focus in same concept of ‘mass feeding’ with sane food price, and still without compromising on high edge design and atmosphere.

Located in open mall in Kfar Saba city, king George restaurant represent that conceptual approach. Target crowd set to be young, ebullient and dynamic that will attract the elders .design DNA aimed to match entertainment venue along with alcohol atmosphere, yet it shouldn’t drive away and be attractive to families with kids.

These premises lead us to locate the bar in center of restaurant and to add extra kitchen activities, such as first dishes and desserts preparation area inside the bar, to make it more alive.
In the name of dynamic the design uses variety worlds of materials, from the old and vintage to innovative, from reuse to new made. Cold and clean materials mixed with warm and cozy surroundings.
Yet, our main concern was to make sure that this chaos will end up with harmonic and relaxing atmosphere, which has design logic spine, creating a new language of design and new branding identity to king George restaurants.

Main floor was covered with 3 tons of monochromatic concrete tiles combined illustrated concrete carpets. Bar ceiling designed using cnc cutted aluminum plates, illuminated with orange led lighting. Same aluminum cut out used us as partition panels between siting booths. A unique material made of extruded grooved aluminum .filled with black pvc profiles covers ceiling skirts and bar walls. Along with old and antique wood this create special design language. Special emphasis was giving to decorative lighting fixtures. All thus fixtures were designed especially for the project and beyond their presence they act as ‘partitions’ between siting areas.

Wall was covered with wood panels painted in artistic technic to create vintage result. Rusted metal plates combined with printed glass and black ceramic mosaics are covering the rest of the walls. Graphics concept tells the story of the kingdom-king George heritage.

Design: Nir Portal Architects
Photography: Yoav Gurin

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