Foxglove Bar & Lounge by Nelson Chow Chi-Wai, Hong Kong

January 18th, 2016 by retail design blog

As a longtime and popular playground for high-rollers, Hong Kong boasts an infrastructure that’s second to none. The local hospitality scene is dotted with a large number of top establishments, and continues to go leaps and bounds to keep the even the most jaded of nightcrawlers happy. A stellar new watering hole that has shaken up local nightlife is the hyper chic Foxglove bar and lounge. Situated in central, the city’s thriving business district and a stomping ground of a moneyed demographic, the establishment is conceptualized to push all their buttons. Designed by Hong Kong-based architect Nelson Chow Chi-Wai, the Foxglove is a playful hybrid affair, fusing the secludedness of a speakeasy, classic elements of a gentlemen’s club and sleek aerodynamics into a venue that not only looks good, but also provides a sense of adventure.

The entrance comprises of an umbrella shop setting, presenting exquisite examples encased in rows of bespoke-design glass cabinets. When touching a carved silver handle, a ‘secret’ door opens, leading to a bar and lounge where the aesthetic shifts, and quite dramatically so, to the modern era and air travel. Seating 80 guests below a sculptural canopy of moulded panels which elegantly curves downward at both ends of the room, it’s the beating heart of Foxglove. The design of the elongated cocktail bar, fitted out with a lavish marble top, visually is a seamless extension of the dining secton.

The happy few have access to the V.I.P. room, and needless to say, this section redefines chic in its own way. Seating 32 guests, it’s first class train travel that has inspired the interior, featuring arched ceiling and walls clad with umbrella stems and furnishings upholstered in red leather. But that’s not all, folks. The most exclusive part of the premises, unsurprisingly called the V.V.I.P. room, flaunts the intimate setting of a classic library, replete with bookshelves that cover both walls and ceiling, and comfy leather sofas. From bites to dinks, social buzz to serene privacy, the Foxglove concept totally delivers. And not surprisingly, it’s already a hot fave of the city’s well-heeled.

Design: Nelson Chow Chi-Wai
Photography: Dennis Lo Designs

via Superfuture

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