Get Store Uomo by AMlab, Fossano – Italy

January 25th, 2016 by retail design blog

Get Store Uomo, store of clothing and shoes, entirely dedicated to male universe, is designed and realised by the creative laboratory AMlab.

The ambiance puts the focus on italian character, by an open conversation among furniture, materials and items of clothing exposed. The italian element is strong and the character is authentic, from the handmade larch’s slat of the floor recovered by old barn, to the re-invented work tables, from the wall in concrete effect to the furniture in vintage style of Seventies: a clear recall to the design that characterised the italian post war period.

Is on this way and with the project of Get Store Uomo, that AMlab would to celebrate the passion for well-made things. This is the philosophy: passion for well made things. Every item of clothing and every brand is selected to “keep on time” and it’s strongly attached to a smart-casual and contemporary taste.

“About a project I search the versatility of its use. Not a extravagance an end in itself”, says Salvatore Maligno, General Manager of AMlab; and Bruno Castelli, Managing Director of Get Store share “The same thing is for an item of clothing. About a cloth I’d like to see its versatility when it’s worn”.

All brands are collected in an unique space and exhibit on iron structure, able to make see, from every perspective, the mood of the selection signed by Get Store, in a sequence of ambient, that follow one another, without interruption of continuity. Get Store Uomo is a balance of contrast that create armony of the totality designed by AMlab: a container from rough taste, quite industrial, linked to refined handmade production.

“They are counterpoint – says Salvatore Maligno, General Manager of AMlab – that reflect our internal business philosophy, that place side by side the production’s quality to the strength of a avant-garde reality, under the planning and the realisation profile”. Get Store Uomo: an homage to male style and universe, told through the smart use of authentic and innovative materials , able to evoke on customer memories and emotions, through lines and smells strong and decisive.

Photography by Davide Dutto

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