Cozzari jewelry by AMlab, Umbertide – Italy

January 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

AMlab’s main focus was to express Jewelry identity keeping values of professionalism, knowledge and quality, able to identify Cozzari’s name. A minimal ambience, where light flow free, able to amplify accessibility perception and to transform the jewelry into a space to live daily. The dynamic relation among shapes, spaces and materials, underlines an ambient where is pleasant to stay and to discover the selected offer.

The central island, from a sinuos shape, make free paths for customers and giving at the same time emphasis to staff’s competence.
Simple lines and colors like gray and white, are make soften by the light wood flooring and enhance by displays’ steel details, able to create a play of reflections and revoke Cozzari logos. Exposition system, in rotation on itself, is thought to throw outside store identity, make it quickly recognizable.

Photography by Daniele Molineris

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