Dufry airport retail store by Marketing-Jazz, Sao Paulo – Brazil

January 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

Dufry is an airport retail business that operates worldwide with a presence in over 62 countries. It operates almost 2,000 outlets in airports, railway stations, cruise liners, sea ports and other tourist hot spots. Dufry has a very clear vision: to become the most innovative and profitable firm in its sector.

This project constituted a leap in terms of the client’s demands and the degree of professionalism required. And also in terms of focusing our new services of creativity and design on a global market. On the one hand, working in the highly competitive and regulated world of travel retail for a market leader, which was something new for us. And on the other hand, creating a new and original concept while developing the entire design project remotely from Madrid without visiting the point of sale in Brazil, on the other side of the planet. And all of this in the record time of one month.

Travel safely, viaja seguro: This was the concept we developed to create the design of this commercial space. It’s a phrase we often use when we see off our loved ones who are setting off on a journey. In this case, the journey is by air. We imagined the process of going over in our minds if we had everything we needed for the trip, saying our goodbyes, then the moment of take-off.

We designed aircraft wings for the walls to display multi-brand product ranges. We created a runway for the ceiling which combines with the floor to create a wrap-around environment. The graphic communication is shown in our reinterpretation of the traditional aircraft cabin windows. Inside, specially promoted products are presented using of luggage carts of our own design.

Marketing-Jazz Design Team:
Carlos Aires – Concept, Lay Out and creativity. Elena de Andrés – Illustrations and sketches. Silvia Teijeiro and Domenico Reggio – Technical design. Alejandro Andreu – 3D Design. Carlos Eduardo de Piratininga Figueiredo and George Homer Photography and product presentation.
Dufry Design Team:
Harold Garzón – Technical Director. Alvaro Zabala – General Manager of Store Design and Construction. Felipe Botelho – Project Manager

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