SurveyMonkey Offices by Oktra, London – UK

January 27th, 2016 by retail design blog

Oktra was appointed to build SurveyMonkey’s new UK headquarters in London’s iconic Heron Tower. They were clear about what they wanted from their new space: a mixture of corporate professional with quirky and playful elements in keeping with their US branding. They needed room for expansion and a sufficient amount of client-facing meeting rooms.

We carried out a Category B fit out and created a space plan that encouraged flexible working, collaboration and communication and accommodated for a high capacity of expansion. Hospitality is important for both Survey Monkey staff and clients, so we installed a large kitchen and bar in the breakout area with food and drink available throughout the day.

We also designed a dedicated games area to encourage team collaboration and interaction. The nature of their business is very video conferencing and phone call heavy so we included eight phone booths with customised acoustics for privacy and confidential calls. The space also includes a large open plan working area, several client-facing meeting rooms and a unique reception area.

As this was their first base in the UK they wanted to integrate elements of Britishness while retaining their American identity. Our designers used a bold colour palette of graphics incorporating the iconic London skyline and the Union Jack to give the space a separate personality to their other offices. We used soft furnishings and high specification finishes to achieve a high end yet playful aesthetic.

With views scoping across central London, flexible working areas and remarkable interior design Survey Monkey are delighted with their new workspace.

Design: Oktra
Photography: Thierry Cardineau

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