HI-MACS stand by Coast Office Architecture, London – UK

January 28th, 2016 by retail design blog

Experimental exhibition stands which model limitless three-dimensional forms has become synonymous with HI-MACS. The solid surface company that conceived it – LG Hausys – is known by industry insiders for their out-of-the-box displays that demonstrate the flexibility of its leading architectural and interior material HI-MACS. Receiving high praise in previous years from the organisers at the UK’s largest design trade event, 100% Design, the company’s efforts are now anticipated to turn the heads of visitors.

Designed in collaboration with German studio Coast Office Architecture, the spatial stand is both contorted and defined. ‘Waves’ grow from sleek white flooring and transform into an abstract geometrical display of HI-MACS acrylic stone. Visitors exploring the reception and lounge area are surrounded by a futuristic landscape of furniture and counters shaped into interchangeable parallelograms, triangles and rectangles. The resulting acrobatics assist in experiencing the product from a different perspective.

A selection of grey, pink and black colours break up the vast expanse of white hills. Glossy black wall coverings act as reflective surfaces, giving an illusionary depth to the room and causing a round object to seemingly rise out the booth’s corner. Since the stone material is processed without any visible joint lines, the stand is continuous and cohesive without the addition of unsightly fixtures, ultimately highlighting the material’s potential to be used in a number of applications, from public spaces to facades and interiors to furniture.

Photos David Franck


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