Rosario Pharmacy by Marketing-Jazz, Madrid – Spain

January 28th, 2016 by retail design blog

The brand Farmacia Rosario is named after its proprietor, Rosario Terceño. Situated in Boadilla del Monte, one of the most tree-lined areas of the Greater Madrid Area, we clearly saw that it had to convey an image of health with serene, natural elegance as its hallmark of the shopping experience and of the mise en scene.

The sleek lines and harmonious proportions of the design allow us to present the product in a much more practical and flexible manner. The proprietors have many years’ experience, they had just acquired the adjacent premises and what they were looking for was a project for a pharmacy that would be up to date yet original, elegant on its own terms.

We worked to create two complementary premises with the same image and shopfront: the Rosario Pharmacy, dedicated to the sale of pharmaceutical products, and the Rosario Healthcare and Wellness Centre, whose mission is to provide services in the health and wellness sphere.

The materials employed were selected to contribute a contrast between a contemporary feel and a natural look. For the flooring we used bolon, which is a vinyl material with a woven design that brings modernity, comfort and warmth. The walls and furnishings are made from oak veneer wood, maintaining proportions that permit any of the product display units to be used in any part of the store.

Another detail of the brand is perhaps its “Zen” touch, which can be seen in the horizontal and harmonious design of the space and the minimalist design of the logo, in which the “R” of Rosario forms the “Cross of the pharmacy”. The brand’s feminine touch is given by its graphic line, based on the pink peony, a flower of Asian origin which is associated with long life and which is very similar in appearance to the national rose. Farmacia Rosario, serene and natural health.

Designed by Marketing-Jazz
Carlos Aires: Creativity , project design and management. Elena de Andrés: Sketches and artistic illustrations. Natalia Aires: Corporate image. Alejandro Andreu: 3D Design Domenico Reggio and Xiang Seng: Technical design. Carlos Aires and Elena de Andrés: Visual Merchandising. Ikuo Maruyama: Photography

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