Argolite exhibition stand at Swissbau 2016 fair by Dobas AG, Lucerne – Switzerland

February 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Dobas AG realized a new exhibition stand for Argolite AG, a leading manufacturer of high pressure laminates. This mystic black cube was launched at the biggest Swiss building trade show “Swissbau2016” and covered a surface of 220m2. Dobas objection was to make visitors curious about their company and products, also if these were not immediate customers. Here for a black, semi-transparent cube was created, allowing just enough insight to persuade visitors to enter and explore. A very low (1950mm) and wide portal, narrowing towards the end, but ceiling climbing to 4 meters, in a vibrant, high gloss red HPL generated a memorable experience.

On both sides of this spectacular entrance two showrooms where located, kept in black and soft materials to generate a calm atmosphere. On the left side 7 light-columns were created in HPL to attract interest on new properties of their products. Each column had two viewmaster installations (fashionable dia-viewer in the 70ties) illustrating the application of these materials.

On the right side a big open space with a huge, centred table allowed visitors to assort collections. On sliding wall HPL panels in original size (max. production size) were displayed. Very focused lighting allowed to demonstrate how colour and surface treatments change according to environmental lighting and light colour (3000-4000 Kelvin). Main objective was to make architects and interior designers sensitive about colour and surface finish in relation of location.

Photography by Kuster Frey Fotografie

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