Brooklyn Desk by Oeuf

February 5th, 2016 by retail design blog

Oeuf, a company well known for its eco-friendly and modern kids’ furniture, is releasing a brand new addition – the Brooklyn Desk. “We’re very excited to debut this new desk,” says Sophie Demenge, who founded Oeuf with her husband Michael Ryan. “My husband and I have been playing with ideas for a desk for a while, and finally we hit on a design that we really love and that looks very clean and minimal and fresh. Our kids are getting older and developing their own styles, so we wanted to create something that would grow with them and look good no matter what else is in the room.”

Whether it is arts and crafts or homework, the Brooklyn Desk provides a calm environment for learning and creativity. Designed for simplicity, and functionality, the Brooklyn Desk is crafted from the highest quality Baltic birch plywood. Slim, rounded legs and removable storage boxes create a modern and sleek design. The desk surface has 3 different height settings, so it can adjust for growing children to create the perfect spot for reading, writing and activities for years to come.

Oeuf’s mission to “be good” extends beyond just the looks and usefulness of their products. Oeuf furniture is made in the EU, so it meets their strict environmental and labor standards. Specifically, the furniture is produced in Latvia, providing Oeuf with easy access to sustainable raw materials, skilled labor, and a long, proud woodworking tradition – all things that are important for making the best quality furniture and being good to the world. Oeuf products are made from the highest quality wood products and with non-toxic finishes free from VOC health hazards. Oeuf recycles all unused wood and uses recycled cardboard to pack its products.

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  1. modern desk says:

    I absolutely love this desk, the clean, white, minimalist design.. very Scandinavian looking.

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