Maison Kitsuné store, Tokyo – Japan

February 22nd, 2016 by retail design blog

It may be because one of its founders is Japanese, but the land of the rising sun has always been a significant market for Paris-based Maison Kitsuné, and that’s both for its musical output and clothing line. The latter segment continues to be well received here, and to such an extent, that just three years after simultaneously opening a boutique and café in Tokyo’s upscale Aoyama neighbourhood, a third venue has bowed in another popular shopping zone across town: Daikanyama. Tucked away in the area’s maze of narrow streets, the interior of this two-storey standalone store takes cues from the iconic but sadly demolished 1960s main wing of the Okura Hotel in the Japanese capital, and as such it’s a similar fusion of traditional Japanese crafts and the unique understated aesthetic they contribute to.

The shop entrance is marked by a custom-made noren, embellished with the brand name and fox symbol. The ground floor, semi-framed by a grid of sleek wooden beams and furnished merely with three circular table, presents a limited edition unisex capsule collection that Maison Kitsuné especially designed for the store opening, in addition to select women’s items and leather goods. One floor up the setting is defined by an infusion of timber, but the pointed roof and intricately constructed wooden chandeliers evoke an entirely different atmosphere. The space is furnished with a mix of japanese and mid-century pieces. Brass clothing racks line the wall and add a bit of shimmer to the setting. next to more apparel pieces, Maison Kitsuné’s shoe line and socks are presented here.

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