Ekk Cup Chai (One Cup Tea) by FRDC, Mumbai – India

March 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

The client wanted to pilot a business model based on ‘On The Go’ Food Concept. Tea would be the driver and the idea was to provide an upscale ‘On the Go’ Tea shop with snacks which will provide and other Value Food items. Chai evokes an emotion. ‘Ekk Cup Chai’/ One Cup Tea’ evokes further a dialogue. This was the driving concept for the space design. People look for a break and On the Go Tea culture is strong in Mumbai and moreover all over India- Urban or Rural. Chai is a dialogue starter.

The concept chosen was ‘SAMVAAD’..or Dialogue. The overall objective of the design was to bring together a fusion of ‘Mumbai’ Chai as an ethos within a contemporary space, where People can have a chit chat/baat cheet over a cup of tea. The space should be such that it encourages people to spend time with Peer over a cup of tea. Traditional pattern tiles, wooden rafters, projected platforms, metal stools; framed visuals are the perfect mix of traditional & contemporary materials and these create a space with dialogue. The space which doesn’t look plastic or artificial. It could be any one’s traditional home or a patio/verandah or an Institution, or a public space. All such places evoke dialougue/Samvaad.

Traditional colours and Patterns on floor, Wooden Rafters in Ceilings, Wainscot on walls, Side boards and tables with high stools, Handwritten Blackboard Menu, Graphics and Imagery depicting Mumbai essence of Tea and Cutting chais, Gateway of India and Mumbai Imagery, they all create a harmonious blend of space and they all create a ‘Dialogue’ in itself.

Store Design: FRDC, Bangalore
Branding, Graphics and Soft Experience Design: FRDC, Bangalore

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