Alelo Offices by Athié Wohnrath, São Paulo – Brazil

March 6th, 2016 by retail design blog

Athié Wohnrath has developed the new offices of workplace benefit card company Alelo (Elopar Group) located in São Paulo, Brazil. A place to see and be heard. In Alelo this saying has been taken seriously in the working space organization of the benefit cards company’s headquarters in Alphaville, São Paulo, Brazil. The installation occupies one of the eight floors of the ELO Group (the parent company) in the building. Communication is the project strength, developed by Athié Wohnrath, now the largest corporate architectural office in Latin America.

More than 200 employees work in a 18836,84 ft² office area, where they can organize quick working meetings with two or three people, pull a drawer that turns into a seat to look at their colleagues’ computer and speedy clarify a doubt. If silence is necessary to produce a report, promote a conference call, receive a particular phone call, or simply organize thoughts for a presentation, eight small reserved rooms are available. The change generated by the project not only moved employees from one building to another, or was just a new physical distribution between departments. In the new office, opened in June 2015, there was a noticeable leveling of positions without immediate distinction of roles and hierarchies.

But the main change is seen in the ease with employees exchange ideas or even interact during the day, including in the break areas where there are coffee and juice machines and refrigerators, and where is much easier to solve problems or even get insights from people of other areas. The perception of easy communication among us is visible. It is much easier to reach a colleague, pull a drawer or a chair and make an appointment, even make an open meeting, without a previously room reservation, just checking if the space is not being used.

Design: Athié Wohnrath

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