Link unprecedented shelves and Magnetika system by Ronda Design

March 7th, 2016 by retail design blog

Materials link up with technology, in a wide range of finishes
A mixture of materials, namely steel, wood and aluminium, make up Link, an accessorised wall with living room storage units where styling and materials outline the space with sophisticated and light elegance. The system consists of generously sized steel storage units and drawers (also in steel or veneered fossil oak), which emphasise refined 45°-cut corners, metal wall panelling in various fine standard finishes and optional LED back-lighting to create mesmerising games of light.

Unprecedented shelves, compositions customised to bespoke precision
Link supports new types of specifically-designed shelves:
a) Ago & Filo: 3 mm-thick bent aluminium shelves which slide along a long wooden ledge secured to the wall, which can be back-lit. The result is a slender, streamlined item, which teams functionality with sophisticated design and engineering intuition.
b) Segno: original and intriguing shelves in the shape of elongated Zeds snap-fastened to purpose-designed metal panels. Thanks to the unusual geometric shapes of the shelves, by turning and moving the panels closer together, you can create sophisticated and appealing configurations.

Magnetika system
Link can be composed and decorated functionally with all the other shelves in the Magnetika catalogue as well. Magnetika is the new way of furnishing everyday living environments with the utmost freedom and creativity. The Magnetika system consists of a wall panelling system which can be fitted with shelves and accessories that are secured in place through sheer magnetic force and which can be moved to suit individual tastes and requirements at any time, to give rise to endless compositions. With Magnetika there are no rules or restrictions to experimentation; it is about thinking on the go, the consecration of the spur of the moment, of the power to change one’s home according to the flow of one’s ideas.

Manufactured by Ronda Design

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