Iris van Herpen’s Autumn Winter 2016 fashion show, Paris – France

March 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

Optical light screens created mirrored rainbow effects at Dutch designer Iris van Herpen’s Autumn Winter 2016 fashion show in Paris, which featured intricate garments that looked like soap bubbles. The designer – who is well known for her technology-focused fashion – wanted to showcase her “state of dreaming” through the collection and presentation, which took place on Tuesday during Paris Fashion Week.

Garments were separated into two main looks: Lucid and Phantom dresses. Both included voluminous circular silhouettes were presented in a colour palette of iridescent nudes, greens and grey. These garments – designed to appear as a “glistering bubble-like exoskeleton” – were made from transparent hexagonal laser-cut elements, that are connected with translucent flexible tubes.

The Phantom outfits were made with a light-weight tulle fabric, to which iridescent stripes were fused. The collection also features two 3D-printed dresses named Magma. Each of these pieces were are made by combining flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) printing with polyamide printing to form a “fine web”. One of the dresses is stitched from 5,000 3D-printed elements.

Laser-cut leather shoes were created in collaboration with UK brand Finsk. Similarly to the footwear in van Herpen’s Spring Summer 2016 collection, they featured a thin platform to create the illusion of the wearer being suspended above ground. The idea of being in a dream-like state was extended to the audience through the design of the show space.

Each of the 17 models stood behind large optical light screens – more commonly used in television technology – which acted as both mirror and window. As well as creating rainbow-coloured effects, the screens reflected a doubled image that shifted depending on the model’s position and the audience’s viewing angle.

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