Nike Kobe XI & CP3 campaign by Green Room

March 13th, 2016 by retail design blog

Green Room Visualise Speed and Lightening at Retail for Nike
London, 8th March 2016: Two recent retail campaign activations for Nike have brought stunning, visually alluring installations to Flagship London stores.
Kobe XI Visualisation of Speed
The Kobe XI ‘innovation mastered’ campaign is realised at destination stores in London through the stunning imagery of 3D acrylic red speed lines, culminating in a powerful visual of propulsion. This drive for innovation and immediacy has manifested itself in all aspects of the build of the Kobe XI Elite shoe and fittingly all campaign elements also reflect these principles.

Visualising the instant snap from still-life to immediate speed, the bespoke display propels the Kobe XI Elite forward, thrusting the shoe to the forefront. Each trailing acrylic line is marked by epic moments when Kobe has sealed or stolen victory from the jaws of defeat for the Lakers, such as:
o Find inspiration everywhere – to do the impossible, you must first discover how to make it possible. Aug 2014, Asia Tour
o Give the game everything – where there are no days off, there are no off days. May 2005, Blackout workouts
o Leave a legend – always strive for something bigger than just winning. Dec 2014 Vs. Minnesota

Striking Impact into the CP3.IX Campaign
The CP3.IX campaign creative ‘striking control’ references the lockdown benefit tied to the shoe’s innovative lacing system. Giving life to this campaign, Green Room delivered a flashing lightning bolt striking down in Nike Town London. The bolt of lightning hits a concrete court surface, and the impact leaves a highly effective, shattered podium. Energy, power and dynamic display, delivered.

Mike Roberts, Chief Creative Officer at Green Room Design, commented, “We are proud of our longstanding relationship with Nike and being able to turn around both the creative execution and delivery of these POP installations within tight time frames is a fundamental element of our continued relationship.”

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