Hotwind Wanda Outlet by RIGIdesign, Changzhou – China

March 17th, 2016 by retail design blog

The project is a new image store for a famous chain of fast fashion brand – hotwind. The client commissioned RIGIdesign to create a shopping and leisure experience as an integrated platform of commercial space, enhance the brand’s platform shopping experience.

Located in the center of the first floor of the shopping mall, the project is 700 square meters, also an attraction of the shopping flow. Designer follows the brand’s consistent minimalism style but with rich change in the presentation. The Hotwind aims to provide a wide range of services and leisure experience space solutions, instead of the current fashion ,shoes and accessories shopping service.

The project is located in the center position of the first floor, an area of 700 square feet, is the focal point for the flow of people, designers in the continuation of the previous hotwind- hot simple, the friendly, orderly and rich shop features in existing apparel, shoes shoes, accessories products in the newly opened leisure experience mode, the region aims to provide a wide range of services and leisure experience space solutions.

First door windows using different textures of the same color material, large pieces scattered through the geometric mosaic branding characteristics of the brand. Shop space divided according to product category footwear, apparel, accessories and leisure experience area, and by using the island platform and other display props orderly classification of merchandise and display; the focus display area, designers use ceiling, floor and other materials and lighting media form a natural barrier to distinguish between smooth and structured form of shopping experience space.

In addition to centralized lighting on the ceiling, the walls in the island and the focus of the display racks position also sets the indirect lighting, focused products, improve the shopping experience. Backdrop illustration door service information and publicity POP and other graphic elements in the store’s organic application, making the store warm and vibrant. Hotwind LIFE HUB experience area is a chain of fast fashion brand hotwind- hot air in existing apparel, footwear, accessories and products in newly opened leisure experience mode, the region aims to provide a wide range of services and leisure experience space.

After analyzed designer brand business model, determined to emphasize the feeling of space within the extended level of fast selling space, rather than open up a simple recreation area, in the whole LIFE HUB, the bar, the designers LIFE HUB region coffee dining + reading functional design and division. Multi-dimensional seating area central area will people’s leisure reading modes are multi-faceted and interesting guidance and interpretation.

Capabilities and lounge bar area is coherent and styling bookshelves. Coffee bar using simple design highlights its functionality and ease of operation, the length of the bar design mosaic collage, neon bar rear styling reflects its youthful vigor.

Smallpox by roughly dividing the amount of geometric shapes in key areas, and the image of a unified whole store, the main color is natural wood color to emphasize a sense of relaxation and life, the space dotted blue brighten the space and through, and acts as a visual guiding role. Traditional business and experience join, extend the brand of thinking, and in the traditional business models have added a new model for the future of the brand to provide more possibilities.

Designed by Kai Liu / RIGIdesign
Photography by Jack Wen

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