Mona beauty salon by GRIP&Co, Oyama – Japan

March 21st, 2016 by retail design blog

Mona is a salon located in Oyama, Ibaraki Prefecture. We proposed a desire to use material that had a sparkling, crystalline texture that lent the interior of the salon a soothing and relaxing feel. We therefore used laminated glass with thin, thread-like glass fibers embedded inside it for the salon’s facade and the interior wall facing the cut space. These glass fibers transmit light, and when grouped together, give a crystal-like appearance and produce a sparkling effect.

Deliberately varying their density in the fiber-embedding process gives rise to particular expressions and a variety of appearances as the light changes. We were present during the manufacturing process of the laminated glass to actually place the glass fibers in the way we envisaged ourselves. In addition to this, the use of bronze-colored stainless steel and dark brown wood throughout the salon is aimed at achieving a calm and sophisticated atmosphere.

Designed by GRIP&Co

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