Radio Roasters identity & packaging by TNKR Design

March 21st, 2016 by retail design blog

Radio Roasters is an Atlanta based micro roaster of specialty-grade coffee that sources incredible coffees grown by farmers who strive to produce the best possible crop. We have a passion for quality coffee and instantly connected with the mission of Radio Roasters. Owner, Chip Grabow has a background in the broadcasting industry and wanted to mix both passions together, creating Radio Roasters.

Chip approached us in 2013 to create the brand identity and packaging system for his beans. The identity, packaging, and color palette was inspired by the golden age of radio, and the form and geometry of 1960’s radio’s. We used craft bags for an earthy feel and created a letterpressed and stamped label for the small batch production. Each label educates the buyer on the variety, origin and flavor profiles.

Designed by TNKR Design

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