Zwoosh kids store by Foley Designs, Bangalore – India

March 22nd, 2016 by retail design blog

Zwoosh is an unconventional children’s retail and play space launched at the KIAL airport Bengaluru. Foleydesigns has created the space from drawing board to reality to keep children “happy” while engaging them in to the store. The name “Zwoosh” is inspired by the sound children make when flying their imaginary planes, its location at the airport making the connection to flight natural.

Our design intent is guided by the time a traveler has before catching a flight and the challenge was to create an open style enclosed store – to keep children safe while allowing the hurried traveler to glance around the store in a single sweep. The facilities inside the store also offers enough depth to engage those with more time on their hands and their restless children.

The form of the play-zone style store is inspired by a piece of the sky, attracting attention amongst the surrounding space as a cloud would against a blue sky. This overriding ethos drives the form and placement of all the functional elements of the store.

Illustrations around the space blend fantasy with reality, weaving surreal stories children and adults can enjoy in equal measure, while still engaging them in fun and thoughtful ways. The colour coded zones meanwhile make it quicker to locate what you need.

Our play space and design murals encourage parents and little ones alike to share a bond and captivate themselves with funny mirrors, butterflies, snail shells and a number of tactile toys such as spinning cylinders and cubes, an aeroplace which glides along the wall and a jigsaw puzzle.

The sturdy steel framed space is designed and developed in accordance to the child safety guidelines of the United States Access Board while special consideration has been made to make the space equality enjoyable for people with disabilities

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