LinkedIn headquarters by Woods Bagot & Schiavello, Sydney – Australia

March 24th, 2016 by retail design blog

A lengthy timber desk realised by Schiavello stitches its way through the Woods Bagot-designed interior of LinkedIn Australia’s headquarters.

Dedicated to sharing information between professionals within the online realm, LinkedIn desired to continue the interactive practice between its employees during its platform’s day-to-day activities. As an analogue form of the social network’s sharing capability, the mega desk’s wooden surface begins at the reception area and then weaves its way through the office’s 3600-sqm interior.

Even spanning two levels like a slithering snake, the height-adaptable tabletops twist and turn thanks to Schiavello’s custom execution of 126 nodes and corners. The Australian brand collaborated closely with local practice Woods Bagot to conceive and visually integrate the elongated desk into the office interior.

Once a void is reached, the timber surfaces briefly pause to bridge the gap with textile-upholstered canopies enshrouding breakout spaces or flooring patterns formulating a makeshift shadow cast by an imaginary desk surface. Presentation spaces continue the fusion of digital and analogue with cutting-edge communicaton tools meeting the function of Schiavello’s folding Marina tables and height-adjustable OTM tables.

Schiavello’s comfortable Palomino chairs invite client comfort while the contemporary aesthetic of Humanscale’s Diffrient World chairs ergonomically seat employees. Seeming to be standard in the offices of social networking sites around the globe, Sydney’s LinkedIn headquarters incorporates amenities such as a barbecue area, indoor beer garden and games room as well as a wellness facility.

Project information
Location: Level 8-9, 1 Martin Place, Sydney
Area: 3600-sqm
Duration: 8 months
Project: Type Furniture & Joinery
Project Manager: Spitfire Control
Architect/Designer: Woods Bagot and Schiavello
Builder: FDC
Completed: May 2015
Products: Schiavello Krossi workstations, Schiavello Palomino chair, Schiavello Marina fold table, Schiavello Toro table, Schiavello OTM table, Humanscale Different World chair and Liberty Headrest

Photos Fretwell Photography for Schiavello

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