Urban Bike 10’ by by Roberto Romagnoli for OFFISERIA

March 29th, 2016 by retail design blog

The incredible simplicity of the movement of the mechanism that transforms our inner energy into motion , wind , air … pure design without rumble. An object conceived and designed, combining tradition and technology, romance and passion. The URBAN BIKE 10’ will be delivered with the aluminium panel from which its own pieces are been extracted, it will be the bike hanger.

Its engine is called “BIKE+ all in one” and was created by the Zehus Human + “Zero Emission Human Synergy”, a spin off of Politecnico di Milano. The engine is equipped with the BIKE + technology, which represents the most advanced point applied to electric mobility on two wheels. Through this partnership the “Urban Bike 10‘’ by Offiseria is equipped with the only hybrid electric engine which can be recharged by cycling.

Designed by Roberto Romagnoli for OFFISERIA

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