Acera Travel Mugs by Hangar Design Group

April 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Hangar Design Group will be at Fuorisalone 2016, presenting a selection of its creations for Acera, ceramics manufacturer in Taiwan and China: objects dedicated to personal wellness and to the home environment, following the oriental holistic culture, but strongly anchored to Italian design in its choice of shapes and colours. The tradition of hand-crafted pottery is as old as civilisations themselves. A particular space, however, is held by this decorative art in the history of Taiwan, where a productive culture continues to flourish, able to renew itself and intersect Southeast Asian culture with a more international outlook.

It is in this context that the collaboration between Hangar Design Group and the Taiwanese manufacturer ACERA can be placed. It is an exercise of continuous contamination between ancestral techniques of the art of ceramics and contemporary design. The collection interprets accessories for everyday use – pitchers, tableware, or the typical tea mug to carry everywhere – grafting onto conventional functions a vision strongly linked to Italian design, where the decorative element translates into formal essence.

The shapes are always essential: chamfered cylinders, trunk-conical pitchers, hemispherical bowls with rigorous geometries that are just softened by the approach to their functions. The underlying theme is the reference to the decorative pattern, which serves as a counterpoint to functional constriction: filled backgrounds alternate with broad brushstrokes, variations of texture bring about ordered patterns, shaded tones chase one another on the surface of the objects in great decorative freedom.

The lines are expressed in fresh pastel colours or sometimes in more vibrant tones, unafraid to venture into contrasting colour combinations. The entire collection joins design and craftsmanship with wellness. It is in fact made of ceramic material that is enriched with white tourmaline, a mineral able to release negative ions which contribute to purifying the liquid or food they contain, combining tangible benefits with the pleasure of contemporary design.

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