Reggiani rebranding & pavilion by Dalziel & Pow

April 4th, 2016 by retail design blog

Italian lighting company Reggiani marks a new chapter ahead of its 60th anniversary next year with a fresh brand identity and positioning courtesy of Dalziel & Pow.

Under the banner ‘Illumination Collective’, the proposition includes a logomark, brand colours, typeface and tone of voice – all of which will be applied across key touchpoints, from products and buildings to online. A bespoke animated film has also been created for use online and at events, communicating Reggiani’s new voice and branding.

The new proposition leverages Reggiani’s heritage and expertise while responding to significant changes in the lighting industry and the evolving needs of its community of lighting designers.

Drawing on in-depth research, the agency identified the core values and pillars of a brand personality for Reggiani, based on open-mindedness, dynamism and inspiration. This collaborative philosophy is expressed in the distinctive new logo, in which an open ‘R’ takes the place of the previous ‘closed’ sphere.

A palette of black, white and yellow projects a bold brand identity, as does the simple typography style and tone of voice, which Reggiani’s in-house team can now adopt and apply consistently across platforms.

Reggiani is currently showcasing its new identity at the prestigious trade show Light + Building 2016 in Frankfurt. The brand pavilion was developed by D&P to position Reggiani as a pioneering lighting brand and showcase new products, visualising the transformative effect of lighting design on spaces and experiences. Individual products are showcased on gallery-style plinths and brought to life through digital animations, while a beacon-like projection screens the bespoke brand film to visitors.

Simon Parkes, Design Director at Dalziel & Pow said: “Together we have created a truly distinctive and powerful brand identity that will pull Reggiani apart from its competitors in a very crowded market.” Reflecting the values of this pioneering lighting community, Reggiani’s rebranding paves the way for a bright future and an exciting anniversary year in 2017.

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