Sephora Flash by Intangibles, Paris – France

April 4th, 2016 by retail design blog

Sephora makes its 3.0 revolution. The selected perfumery leader opened this 21st October 2015, its first connected shop, Sephora Flash, created by the Intangibles agency. Located in the heart of Paris, 66 rue de Rivoli, in front of the City Hall; it’s a new concept of 140 sq./m in the Sephora’s galaxy, which rather counts conventional concepts of 400 sq./m, not forgetting the flagship of 1500 sq./m, on the
Champs-Elysées Avenue.

However, how to ensure all Sephora’s offer in this new format?
With a total of 3 500 references against 6 000 in conventional stores, this connected shop allow the clients to have access to the 14 000 references of Sephora. To discover and buy all what is not available on site, clients are invited to use the digital tools, gondolas, shelves and interactive terminals.

Through what channels?
First change customers have at their disposal a real shopping basket so they can choose all products amongst a wide range of brands offer of Make-up and expert cares, and a virtual basket, with an NFC card. All the non-physical exposed products remains available on The most passionate would be able to enjoy of the 150 Brands and 14 000 references of Sephora, thanks to this virtual
Second change – Customer’s journey takes end, with the validation of the virtual shopping basket (NFC card) at the cashier and the delivery of the goods by the counsellor. Virtual terminal also exists that allow to pass orders and to be home delivered or the following day in this Sephora Flash shop.

Which services?
Even in a closer format, Sephora doesn’t forget the reserved places for beauty services. False lashes bar, eyebrows, make-up and flash cares, all is joined together to have a single, one-of-a-kind, experience. As a connected shop, Sephora Flash proposes, after a beauty adjustment, to take a picture with the selfie-mirror, integrated in the wall display and to post it in the social networks.
A newer small concept will be implemented in the hearts of towns and will allow Sephora to keep on growing the boutique network. “This concept allows us to move us to areas, where we cannot find sufficient surfaces to install a conventional Sephora store. The ambition is to install more in other cities, not just in Paris. Besides of this test, we keep on growing our conventional network, recommend Marie-Christine Marchives, General Director of Sephora France.

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