CINEMA Helios by Gieraltowski & Partnerzy, Wroclaw – Poland

April 7th, 2016 by retail design blog

Piotr Gieraltowski and his team Gieraltowski & Partnerzy has designed 38 multiplex cinemas as far. It is one of the most experienced cinema designing office in Europe if not in the world.

Here the task for the interior designers was to redesign old existing cinema and bring the new life to the used and not too pleasant space. The functional layout of the foyer was redesigned in order to make it more effective for sales. The experience of G&P is starting with cinema layout consultancy, programming number of box office desks, location of each zone – ticketing, concession, café, seating, etc.

The concession bar was designed new, giving much more effective sales ergonomics, which will of course bring much more turnover, shorten the lines and attract people to this cinema. There is a special space designated for a café, where clients can wait calmly for the movie, having a good quality coffee or tea with sweets. No alcoholic beverages are sold here.

The world of movies is a very special product, where clients want to buy a short 2 hour escape from their every day life to the magical world of cinema. The cinema is creating the special atmosphere right from its entrance. It is darker, cozier, more mystical than in the usual retail space. The good quality materials – tiles, mosaics, marble, wooden veneers, glass, fabrics , etc. are giving the image of exclusivity and quality. The discreet and directional lighting is underlining the important elements, products for sales, decoration. Sophisticated RGB Led lighting slowly changing colours gives the atmosphere of relax to the whole foyer.

The most difficult part of the cinema was 50m long corridor leading to the screens. It was a challenge, as it couldn’t be narrowed even partially. The idea was to introduce different color walk thru portals and close the corridor even with the mirrors, to make it look endless. The walls got slightly twisted to have the result of natural cave still with the LED strips around to underline the zones. Screen entrance portals are surrounded with light RGB color changing LEDs to catch the attention of where they are located.

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