Atelier New Regime store, Montreal – Canada

April 18th, 2016 by retail design blog

Atelier New Regime is a young Montreal-based streetwear brand founded in 2009 by Setiz Taheri and brothers Koku and Gildas Awuye. The young street-savvy trio have audaciously taken their business to the next level by opening their first store in St.-Henri, historically a blue collar area of town but now a part of town that’s in full gentrification mode.

Occupying the ground floor premises of a lowrise building, it measures approx. 56 sqm. [600 sq.ft.], and features an interior that’s entirely dipped in a funky, bright orange hue, including the windows, and all furnishings and fixtures. And speaking of which, these are sparse, merely consisting of a sales desk, display units and suspended clothing racks, all designed by local design practice Consult and crafted from steel. Atelier New Regime’s new store carries the brand’s full range of apparel and caps.

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