FIT: Fast Interior Tunning” by Egue y Seta for Endutex, Madrid – Spain

April 20th, 2016 by retail design blog

Current demand for aesthetic renovation within the retail sector is nowadays subject to shorter cycles and its affectation area exceeds by far the mere window shop realm. For this reason, and counting on printed media manufactured by Endutex, for Madrid´s last edition of leading print show C!print, interior design studio Egue y Seta wanted to showcase all the innovative potential that printing poses when it comes to “re-novate” and theme-up such spaces for each new season under installation and production costs that need to be in tune with the leanest of budgets.

To convey this idea they transformed the typical promotional trade show booth into a high-end sports shop which vanishing oblique architecture in itself manages to evoke velocity while its been dressed up in coverings of noble and elegant appearance most commonly associated with the luxury sector: Here, black marble and brushed gold, in their lightest-weight, cost-effective and ink-made versions achieve the “premium” linen that such a privileged shopping experience needs.

Under two slanted thresholds that seem to defy gravity, an ensemble of meeting lounge and window shop is set on one side, while the counter and bar reception have been located on the opposite end. Both “arches” were erected over a deep grey printed racetrack tartan and against a black “graphic metro tile” back drop that includes a large format backlight box where sports fashion photography becomes alive and gains definition thanks to the fabric media produced by the client and its underlying LED bed.

The product in sale: running shoes, dry fit shirts and sports equipment in this case, are displayed over such media without eclipsing one another. Meanwhile a couple of dynamic posed mannequins stand over two raised platforms that maximize their impact and visibility. Crowning both open window shops, you´ll find branding signs for FIT: a shop that offers “real” competitiveness to its clients, regardless of the fictional quality of its displayed sporting goods.

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