LOL ice-cream store by theroom arquitetura & design, Uberlândia – Brazil

April 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

Bold and outstanding are the adjectives that define the store design concept for the ice cream store – LOL in Uberlandia, Brazil: a new company that aims to turn itself into a national franchise. It is just 45m2 to accommodate six rooms distributed in Store Area, Inside Service, small Staff Lounge, Office, Supplies Room and Air Conditioning Machines Room, in another words, a challenge! The Store Area has 19m2 and is divided in three spaces: Costumer Service Area, Serving Space and Sitting Area.

The main client’s request was that the image of the new company should overcome conventional design created for the ice cream fast food shops existing on the shopping mall, so that concepts such as innovation, comfort and satisfaction of users and employees could be introduced. Thus, the project idealized by THEROOM followed a minimalist intention by using few colors, built-in joinery, few materials and beautiful lighting effects in order to define a precise layout.

The name and company logo have driven the design – LOL (laugh out loud) suggests many smiles so then we realized an opportunity to incorporate the smile symbol in the design process. For instance, the ceiling of the costumer area has been made of laser cut panels in which the smile figure has been used as mold for the cuts. Subsequently, those panels have been illuminated with colorful LED that can be seen through the smiles cuts what makes the lighting project a strong element. The countertop made of pink silestone has receives the smile as well.

In contrast to the store fast flow, it was designed a small intimate and cozy sitting area achieved by using an organic conception for the timber and metal vertical screen and a delicate illumination that invites costumers who choose to stay to enjoy their ice cream, and smile…

Photography by Fabrizio Oppes

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