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April 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

sfd is constantly growing and our offerings have been continually evolving. It’s important that our brand reflects this, so over the past few months, our in-house design, branding and marketing teams have been hard at work to give sfd a new look.

So where to start? The current branding was questioned – how do we convey our message and what is the tone of voice that we portray to the outside world? A few key aims became clear; to better distinguish sfd as a leader in its market, to provide brand consistency that ties each sector together, to showcase our professional creative abilities and to produce a visual identity that will be remembered and recognised.

Another main goal was to better recognise the work we do. We’re a creative (and talented!) bunch with specialities in a range of areas including design, mannequins, VM & creative and store development – the main pillars of sfd. The new identity unites each pillar under the sfd brand as well as allowing its respective team to more effectively present their area of expertise and to develop their portfolio. After a bit of renaming, we’re proud to present the design team as +Studio, the mannequin team as Nude and the store development team as +Build.

Incorporating these main pillars and combining our skills in graphic design, typography, copywriting and art direction, we were able to set the tone for sfd with some added personality. We like to think that the result is simple but sophisticated.

sfd’s new look will be rolled out and applied to all future business and marketing material, with a hard launch of the brand following soon. In the meantime, there’s also our new website – built from scratch to showcase our portfolio and share our inspirations with the world. Take a look, we’d love to know what you think!

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