Mars offices by M.O.O.CON, Vienna – Austria

April 27th, 2016 by retail design blog

M.O.O.CON has developed the new offices of global food manufacturer Mars located in Vienna, Austria. In summer 2015, Mars Austria’s 115-employee distribution centre moved into a working world designed by M.O.O.CON and conveniently located at the Rivergate close to Vienna’s Handelskai station. Being part of the same-named family business operating in 74 countries, Mars Austria belongs to one of the world’s major producers of branded goods.

The new offices are reflecting the company values of openness and transparency, which are also manifest in a working culture that is characterized by direct communication and a flat organizational structure. Subtle details in the office design with a nod to Mars’ diverse brand range add the finishing touches. Actively involving twelve “Ambassadors” (as we call the team representatives for this project), a working environment featuring personal desks as well as a diverse range of meeting rooms, open spaces for communication and exchange and “Quiet Booths” for tasks involving a higher degree of concentration, phone calls and videoconferences, has been created.

At the heart of this working world, the Rivergate’s paned conservatory offers stunning views of the Danube. Featuring a two-floor lounge with tea and coffee making facilities and working areas where employees can exchange ideas spontaneously or during scheduled meetings, the conservatory certainly is the property’s hub engine of creative exchange. Alexandra Wattie and the branding agency M+K have expertly added a subtle splash of colour to the seating, walls and glass doors, thus acknowledging Mars’ diverse range of brands including vibrant multi-coloured cushions with a nod to M&Ms or purple cat sculptures reminding of the Whiskas line.

Design: M.O.O.CON
Photography: Helge Bauer

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